We are looking at ways to quantify results or feedback from using the mediation pyramids and during the meantime we thought why not post peoples feedback as a starting point.

Meditation Pyramid


I experienced a Pyramid meditation this morning at my friend Simon’s house. He designed and engineered one… There is a huge list of claimed benefits that I can’t testify to but today I experienced a state of calm and my mind was clearer than usual…

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Kurt Y

Pyramid meditation session with healing rods

Hey Simon! I feel like I’m on a whole other vibration! I’ll definitely be back that was awesome


Pyramid Session

…Today though I feel really inspired and very very calm. I felt so good and balanced…



…I can literally feel the energy coming off of it. I don’t even have to sit in it I can feel it. It feels really nice in here…


So amazing Simon

I had a meditation session today in a beautiful pyramid structure. Simon guided the meditation. It was such a wonderful experience. I could literally feel energy moving and melting away within my mind and body. The different healing rods created quite different sensations and felt to affect different places of my body. A really wonderful experience and I recommend it to others. Thank you


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