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A brief explanation of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese alternative therapy known as energy healing. It is a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing.

The name Reiki comes from the words Rei (Soul or universal life) and Ki (Energy). With the practitioner being the conduit through which the universal life force energy flows to you the recipient.

It can be received in person or over any distance remotely. In person the practitioner can either treat with the hands touching the client or by leaving space between the hands of the practitioner and the person so that there is no contact. It can be safely used with people or animals.

Clients are fully clothed and sessions usually last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the length requested. In person the client is usually lying down on a massage table although they can be easily treated in a chair if there are mobility issues or a preference.

When being treated from a distance it is recommended to go somewhere quiet and comfortable either seated or lying down

An initial session will usually start with a short interview where the client is able to learn about the process of the appointment. The client is given the opportunity to discuss any particular issues or problems they are experiencing and to find out what they are hoping to achieve from their appointment. They are then invited to make themselves comfortable and then session will begin.

Here is what one client had to say after their first ever Reiki treatment with Simon

Josh said ” Thanks for the Reiki treatment yesterday in Calgary, certainly feel a much better energy overall today. Tried the meditations last night and this morning as well and can tell theres certainly a release to get to around the heart area. Good to get confirmation and clarification on what I can do to help it. You’re a tremendous healer regardless of what discipline you work in. Let me know what is the best way for people to get into contact with you. Life seems to be throwing many more people looking at healing themselves  beyond our conventional wellness system so I can already think of a few people to send your way whether it be by phone or in person. “


Simon spent over 20 years dealing chronic illness and injuries and during that time studied in many forms or healing. This journey also lead to him meeting and receiving treatment with highly renowned healers and doctors of medicine and alternative healing arts globally in Europe and North America. This unique journey allowed him to fully experience the struggles and successes of illness and healing. This lead to a deep compassion and understanding of patients and their own journey. His highly intuitive skills and purpose rooted in gratitude, love and spirituality has made him an incredibly effective healer.

Simon is a Reiki Master in Usui Reiki and trained in Canada and works from Calgary Alberta. He is available for in person treatments and can also work with clients remotely in any location globally.

He can be reached at simon(at) or by messaging through the contact page

How are these Reiki sessions different

Along with using Reiki with clients in Calgary he also integrates the use of Egyptian Healing Rods and mediumship. These are metal rods filled with different metals and elements such as crystals to enhance, calm overall or specifically address certain areas of the mind, body or spirit. The rods are designed using information passed down through manuscripts dated back to the building of the pyramids in Egypt. During sessions Simon may receive messages or guidance which can be relayed to clients from source energy to the client using mediumship. Simon has studied many modalities including osteopathy, meditation, thought and belief retraining, breathework and many more that are integrated into Reiki sessions where appropriate or requested.

How can Reiki benefit you

Here are some benefits that people who have received Reiki sessions have relayed

  • Creates deep relaxation that allows the body to release emotion, stress and tension
  • Promotes balance of mind, body and spirit
  • Dissolve energy blocks to allow more balance
  • Create awareness of something larger than oneself
  • By promoting a parasympathetic state within the nervous system this allows the body to shift into the rest and digest self healing mode
  • Clearing the mind and encouraging balance of thoughts
  • Promoting relaxation for better sleep
  • Helps with spiritual growth
  • Can help relieve pain through relaxation and support the physical healing of the body
Distance online reiki healing sessions click here
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