Additional services that I offer

These are services that have been incredibly healing or expansive for clients and myself over the years.

Some of the areas that I have had the most experience with are chronic illness recovery, pain reduction, dissolving anxiety, overcoming fear, stress reduction, increasing self worth, knowing self love, spirituality, energy healing and higher consciousness wisdom.


Pyramid Healing Sessions

Utilizing ancient Egyptian secrets and wisdom

If there was one thing that I could pick out that was around the top of my list of healing aids personally then that would be time spent in pyramids and Egyptian healing rods which are held in the hands.

These sessions are around 60 minutes in length and take place inside pyramids that I have personally designed and built. I also guide and work with the energy of the pyramid to facilitate the sessions and energy.

The Egyptian healing rods are lovingly made by an incredible family that have spent years researching and testing their abilities.

Reviews of these sessions have ranged from feeling incredibly relaxed and peaceful to some saying they felt like a completely new person after leaving their body and coming back to their bodies.

Higher Consciousness Guidance and Support

When was the last time you were truly listened to without judgement? Are you maybe desiring guidance that doesn't come from the earthly realm? Would you like to receive energy and downloads from source itself?

Have you truly felt listened to lately or maybe ever? Are you concerned that even if someone listens that you could be judged? These sessions are there for just that. For you to be heard and appreciated for who you are right now.

All of these sessions come with downloads and energy from source that are completely unique to you.

If you desire to receive it, there is guidance coming from higher dimensional perspectives and can be illuminating for the earth experience.

These sessions also are a time to receive techniques for dissolving anxiety and stress or guidance on chronic illness.

In person Energy Healing and Reiki

Some people prefer in person sessions

Although distance energy healing and in person sessions can elicit the same results.

Some people prefer in person sessions and due to that I still offer them.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length. To book an in person session with me please email