I have been leading meditation sessions in Calgary and or publicly speaking to groups about healing and they have been happening as and when I was invited to do so. The results and feedback from these days has been highly positive so I am offering either monthly, bi-weekly or weekly group meditation sessions that I will lead.

The cost of each time for the monthly meditation sessions is around $20 plus gst per person per session. The sessions will be around one hour in length and will include some wisdom sharing and guidance before we start as well as the group meditation.

Meditation was a large contributor to healing myself from physical and brain trauma, where I would meditate for hours on end every day. I don’t expect others to take on meditating for those lengths each day unless they feel the need or inspiration to do so. Now that I have healed myself I practice twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening for around 15 to 30 minutes each time. It is a beautiful start and end to the day.

If that sounds too much even 5 minutes of focused meditation daily can have wonderful results for people. Adding mindfulness practices and being present while experiencing tasks during your day is also really beneficial.

I hear from a lot of people that meditate daily and also others that have never tried or maybe have and then feel like they aren’t able to do it. I remember vividly how challenging meditation was for myself when I first started as my health was so poor at the time and I was putting myself under a massive amount of stress. There were times when I just thought it was impossible to heal from where I was yet meditation gave me the space and time within my mind and body to approach life from a centered standpoint even if it was just for a brief time. As time passed and I healed these moments of peace and clarity grew longer and longer.

I personally used meditation to retrain and rewire my brain, thought patterns and beliefs which was when I really started to take off and experience massive shifts within myself. Every single time I experienced these shifts and reminders of the availability to heal and be at peace even in challenging times I had an overwhelming urge to teach others and pass this information on to help others too.

I will also likely offer special group meditations also that will utilize one of my pyramids that will be in the middle of the group where there is interest.

Due to the intentions of multiple people during group meditations I have found that it has made meditating easier for most of the people involved. I have spent many years meditating on my own which has been incredibly helpful and enlightening so I recommend this to everyone and group meditation also adds another dimension for change that can require more mastery to achieve by oneself so it is really effective.

If you are interested please contact me via the contact page of this website. The link is here

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