Healing With Heart Meditation Group Tuesdays 10am at Casa De Luz Samara

Description of what to expect

We will start wth a gentle 10 minute standing Kriya Yoga energizing techniques to build prana energy and prepare the body for meditation. Next we will transition into either a seated or lying down 30 minute heart meditation.

Using the breath, focus and feeling you will be guided into a space of building coherence and balance between the heart and the mind. Sounds and tones are played to aid more easily aligning with the desired flow of the breath and expansion in the heart space. This meditation can be enjoyed by complete beginners to seasoned meditators.

The benefits of this are felt deeper within the body. Participants can expect to feel a raising of energy while experiencing a calmness of the mind and emotions along with a fullness in the heart that gently radiates into the whole body.

The closing 15 minutes are spent in stillness. Simon will share any uplifting higher consciousness messages that are channeled through for the group at that time.

To register a place at these events please use the appointment booking calendar below. You can pay online or in person.

You can also Whatsapp to register at the following number +506 8643 2909

This meditation will take place on Tuesdays 10am at Casa De Luz Samara for 6500 Colones per person for the energy exchange. We ask that attendees register prior to the class so that we are aware of the numbers coming