Reiki and Distance Energy Healing

We are energetic beings and are made of energy in different forms. 
The word emotion is "Energy in motion". 
If this energy slows down or gets stuck, then we feel that in the energetic body. 
This energetic body is intertwined with all of our physical body. 
 We also can pick up subtle energies from other people during our day to day lives. These can build up over time and leave us feeling out of sorts. Reiki is wonderful for gently clearing that out of your being.


Imagine the water drainage from your home being restricted so that it can't leave or is slowed down. 
It can get backed up and affect many areas of the house, from the washrooms, the kitchen, the washing machine, dishwasher and more.
If your energetic channels are slowed down or blocked in the body, how do you think that could affect you? 
With your home. You can get a plumber to come in and clear the blocked pipes. 
With your energetic body, you can get a practitioner to help clear and create flow of energy in your energetic channels.
Experienced practitioners like Simon facilitate energy healing sessions over any distance around the globe. This is because it works on quantum levels and is not hindered by the limitations of the physical world. Simon is almost exclusively a distance energy worker and has a wealth of experience in this realm.

Below are some benefits you can experience

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Distance energy medicine sessions are 60 minute appointments