Client Testimonial from Distance Energy Work Session for Her Son

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Mother requesting a distance energy work session for her son. I didn’t meet or speak to him in person but I was shown a photo of her son that I would be focusing the session on.

This young man had some difficulties at birth and possible oxygen deprivation to the brain. He is still of school age and does go to school although for a period of time he wasn’t wanting to go to school and this was part of the reason I was contacted.

The distance session took place one evening at the request of his mother and was a one hour session done from my location to theirs. She was text messaged when I started.

After finishing my work I texted the client to let them know I was finished and that was the sessions complete.

I did follow up with my client the next morning to see how her son was. She informed me that he had hopped out of bed that morning, got dressed and willingly gone to school of his own free will. She also mentioned that he was very “loving and cuddly”.

This was all I had heard at that point until around just over two weeks later when I received a message from his very grateful mother. The following words are a direct quote:

“So in parent teacher interviews today they are saying he is a completely different kid the last two weeks. He is participating in class. Making new friends, doing class work. Thank you Simon. You are amazing. He has been really happy since you healed him. He also lost a bunch of weight, looks so much healthier.”

I don’t make any healing claims by sharing this post I just wished to share how a recent session was asked for, what it entailed and the response afterwards and anecdotal feedback.

All of my sessions I ask what the client wishes to achieve and some background information on the current moment. During the work my intention is for the highest good for the person or animal that it is for. I see them as already perfection and proceed with my work without judgement or need for anyone particular result. I have found this most effective process for me and my clients.

If you wish to contact me with questions or about your own needs or if you would like to book a session online then please click either of the buttons below that matches your request.



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Benefits of Distance Healing Reiki

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Going Inside To Get Outside The Box

If you have ever spent any time listening to spiritual teachers then you may have heard them speaking about going inside. So what does this mean and how can it help you.

Well although the outside world is where the majority of the catalysts we encounter are coming from it is actually our internal reaction to them that creates our suffering, pleasure or neutrality.

For someone that is a supporter of animal welfare then a Rodeo may cause them to experience internal discord at the treatment of the animals involved. If someone has say an avid interest in the western lifestyle of cowboys then they may only see joy in a Rodeo.

The Rodeo doesn’t change, it is their beliefs and internal reaction of each person that decides if it is pleasurable, disagreeable or neutral reaction.

This example is picked from thin air really as I just saw a picture of a cowboy last night on a map.

When experiencing stress or internal conflict this produces a corresponding chemical release that can be felt by the person. If there was a tiger near you in a field then these chemicals may give you a felt indication to get out of there as soon as possible. We don’t necessarily need a tiger near to give us the same chemical feeling of a dangerous situation though. The more we experience constant stress ever at low levels can make us more and more sensitive to even minor triggers.

For many people the feeling of stress makes them want to get away from it just like if it was the tiger as they don’t want to feel that internal feeling. So they effectively trying to get away from the internal feeling.

When we are wanting to do something new like start a business, expand our horizons, ask out someone we find attractive, apply for a new job, leave a toxic situation. Whatever it may be that we want these same feelings of stress can be triggered.

So instead of running away from a job application or talking to a potential mate the person may just not apply or say hello. This not doing it then can lower the stress response and they feel better. They feel better but have possibly missed out on something amazing though.

How Can Going Inside Help You

So one way of “going inside” is to physically do just that with feeling. Where you feel that physical feeling in the body that makes you want to stop or run away, lean into it. Feel it deeply and fully with all of your being. Stay there and keep feeling it deeper and deeper. These are chemicals created in the body by thought or belief. They can feel really unpleasant for sure.

By feeling though and not running away or moving forward we are saying I’m not afraid or I am but I am going to get past this or face it. After a while the intense feelings will subside and you are taking a step to reprogram a belief.

You are going inside to get outside of the box that is holding you back from what you really desserve.

There are many ways to go inside and this is just a simple one. It is direct and can take some bravery but the rewards can be wonderful.

My name is Simon and I am an Energy Worker, Reiki Master and Distance Healing Practitioner. If you would like to book an online distance healing session with me then please click on the button below.

Love and blessings

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