Change Beliefs and Manifest

If you are highly focused on creating abundant
health for yourself and only have the energy to change
one area then let that be beliefs.
By changing those all the other pieces will fall into place
on their own.

Love and peace


Love Unconditionally

When we love unconditionally we are really saying that we have so much love within that we don’t need any in return. You can’t give what you don’t have so if you are able to give a little love then that means you have it inside.

Triquestra Protection

Do you have much knowledge on symbolism? Mine was limited so I have been researching a little.

The one attached to this post is called a Triquestra and is very old. The words protection resonated with me the most with this symbol. I saw things like triple goddess also. It seemed to have been used in many different ways through the years.

Do you know more about it?

Love and peace

Unity The End Of Violence and The Explosion of Love

Unity I believe is the key to the end of violence and the catalyst for love and compassion to envelope the globe.

When the majority of people are living a consciousness of oneness then anything that a person does to another is actually perceived as doing it to oneself. If one person is losing then all people are losing.

The richness is that being loving and compassionate to another is experienced as loving and caring for oneself.

This has to be an internal state of being within each individual. So it needs to start with the few so that others are able to follow those leaders. When a majority of people are living life this way then the momentum will carry through those that are yet to change.

People may question well what if someone attacks you or is dangerous. Well in a global consciousness of oneness a person would not wish to attack for an attack on another will be an attack on their self. If there are differences of opinions then parties would observe and discuss to find a place that was mutually agreeable.

Unity and oneness is not a state where everyone is exactly the same. In fact quite the opposite it is a place where individualization is able to flourish without limits. People are seen as individual expressions of the same energy source.

Nature and animals are cherished as they are also known as part of the one so people respect the land and waters we live on and see themselves as part of and not just users of them. To poison the earth would be to poison oneself.

The illusion of separation is the reason for so much war and violence. This mirage that somehow people are better or worse than each other. If you have ever spent time with a newborn baby you will most likely have experienced what oneness feels like. There is a total lack of judgement and just an overwhelming feeling of love and compassion.

This state of being is just a habit that can be learned by repetitive thought, words and action. It isn’t something that just is reserved for saints and masters. All of us have experienced it for at least fleeting moments. If something has been experienced once it can be repeated consciously. There can be layers of beliefs that make it more challenging but they are not immovable barriers.

Love and peace


Gratitude Is Magical

Gratitude is a magical power that can wash away all of the stains from your life. If you observe a moment in life from all the ways that it will or could contrast or benefit you. Then you are able to see the balance of life.

In many cases when a contrasted event happens for a person then it can be easy to only look at perceived negatives. This energy can then be held for a lifetime for some people. What people who get stuck in this place maybe haven’t successfully achieved is finding the benefits of these events.

This isn’t always an easy process but it is well worth the effort. When you are able to look for and find the benefits in your life that came from a contrasted event then you are able to find the magical transformation of gratitude.

Gratitude can be seen as a feeling that comes up naturally by itself which is beautiful. Your power though is that you are able to find and apply gratitude to anything and everything and it can totally set you free by your own free will.

It isn’t always an easy process but the freedom it offers can be amazing and has been many times for many people.

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