Gratitude Is Magical

Gratitude is a magical power that can wash away all of the stains from your life. If you observe a moment in life from all the ways that it will or could contrast or benefit you. Then you are able to see the balance of life.

In many cases when a contrasted event happens for a person then it can be easy to only look at perceived negatives. This energy can then be held for a lifetime for some people. What people who get stuck in this place maybe haven’t successfully achieved is finding the benefits of these events.

This isn’t always an easy process but it is well worth the effort. When you are able to look for and find the benefits in your life that came from a contrasted event then you are able to find the magical transformation of gratitude.

Gratitude can be seen as a feeling that comes up naturally by itself which is beautiful. Your power though is that you are able to find and apply gratitude to anything and everything and it can totally set you free by your own free will.

It isn’t always an easy process but the freedom it offers can be amazing and has been many times for many people.

Do Your Best And Leave The Rest

“ Do your best and leave the rest. Just consistently
keep doing your best and then somehow
you will end up getting to where you wanted to go.
Take action and keep taking action.
Follow your heart, it doesn’t give up until its done.
Just keeps beating day after day after day without
the need for approval or fear of doing it wrong.
It just keeps going and going instinctively knowing
its doing the right thing. “

Simon Calnan

Eye For an Eye or Love for Love

In a world where everyone takes an eye for an
eye. Everyone will end up blind.
In a world where everyone gives love
the majority of people are free to see with
crystal clarity again and people that are blind
have the opportunity to regain vision

5 Minute Meditation Using Mudra and Mindfulness

This is a short 5 minute meditation that you can take longer if you wish. I introduce a Mudra into the meditation which is to help create balance between the right and left brains.
Then there is some mindfulness and heart felt love and gratitude added into it as well.
All very subtle and at the same time can be very powerful.

Love and peace


Acceptance Forgiveness Peace Love

Spend your time finding acceptance, forgiveness, peace and love within yourself and then acceptance, forgiveness, peace and love will find you in every moment for the rest of your life.

Love and peace

Happy Earth Day and 11:11 Meditations

Good morning,

Happy Earth Day. We are one with the earth. It can live without us but we can’t live with out it. We have a reciprocal give and take relationship that became unbalanced and now is our time to return to balance within ourselves as well as with the earth. At 11:11am and or 11:11pm there is an initiative to take a moment for meditations focused on the heart and love, gratitude and peace for the earth and all its inhabitants. This is at 11:11 where ever you are in the world at your time. The focus and goal is also for every day for every person on earth to take a moment at 11:11am and or PM each day and connect with their hearts and feel love, gratitude and peace. These meditations can be as simple as a minute long or longer. A wave of this feeling and practice will then travel around the world every day moving forward. This simple practice of connecting with your heart and feeling love and gratitude is incredibly beneficial for your own mental and physical health. You can check out companies such as @heartmathinstitute which have dedicated many years of research into these benefits of connecting to the heart with love and gratitude. Have a beautiful, wonderful day filled with love and peace.


Personal Declaration of Power

As lots of people are experiencing fear and the feeling of helplessness at the moment it is the perfect time to make a personal declaration of your own power. To take back your self and your truths.

For some people the following words may seem quite metaphysical and different in nature and for others they will seem normal.

Either way people for many years have been giving away their power to other people, governments, associations, ways of living in subtle ways and not so subtle ways. It is time to take a stand for yourself.

There are many events and agendas flying around at the moment and I feel it good to be informed of the good and bad but then to allow all the emotions that come up to be felt and integrated so that you can move forward for a place of balance and not fear or anger.

Then take the time to say and feel the following or something similar where you proclaim your sovereignty and power of yourself.

“I proclaim sovereignty and dominion over my mind, body and spirit for all time, space, dimensions and reality. I am empowered, I make all of my own choices, I stand in my truth and I am empowered. I will not and do not allow any interfering energies, thought forms, patterns and programs. I proclaim my peace of mind, and the peace of mind for all of humanity. And it is so”

Then after becoming aware and setting strong boundaries then send love, appreciation, forgiveness and peace to the service for self and service to others polarities on earth. Thanks for the lessons and reminders that spurred you to regain your own power.

Then walk the earth and take actions from this place of love and peace but also boundaries and self truth.

Love and peace


Quick Light Body Expansion Meditation

5 minute light body expansion meditation.

If you are struggling with emotions, fear, anger, loneliness etc… at the moment then I hope that this quick meditation can offer you some relief

Love and peace


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