Equality ?

Equality, a state of mind a state of being

“I see equality as an outward expression of a balanced energetic internal state of being. Where regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation, you naturally become, think and act from a place of all energies. Where old paradigms are not the rule for thoughts, experience or expression of energy or action.If all humans allowed themselves the freedom to be all of the energies within then the illusion of separation would

Speaking at Sheep Creek Yoga Collective 2019

Sheep Creek Yoga Fall Equinox 2019

About three years ago I was deeply in a state of healing after a back and head trauma and only a short way into a challenging yet highly rewarding journey that brings me to where I am today. One day I decided to give myself a goal for the day and this was to advertise a coffee urn on Kijiji and sell it. This may seem like a minor task

Meditation and healing Group Session Calgary

Self Healing Meditation Session November 3rd 1pm

Self Healing group meditation session this Sunday 3rd November at 1pm. email for inquiries and location (Cougar Ridge Area of Calgary). $20 dollars per person. A blend of spirituality, science, love and peace to trigger physiological change during meditation. This is a group guided session with the intention of aligning with love, peace and healing powers. Email simon(at)sograteful.ca for booking or inquiries

Love And Appreciation Meditation Sessions October 23rd and November 3rd

I will be running meditation sessions on the Wednesday 23rd October in the evening and then on Sunday November 3rd during the day. These sessions will be specifically focused on love and appreciation. With the ultimate focus on the intentional and prolonged being of these states. Starting with some insight and knowledge sharing on the power and possibilities of being in this state for extended periods of time, and then

Monthly Meditation Sessions in Calgary

I have been leading meditation sessions in Calgary and or publicly speaking to groups about healing and they have been happening as and when I was invited to do so. The results and feedback from these days has been highly positive so I am offering either monthly, bi-weekly or weekly group meditation sessions that I will lead. The cost of each time for the monthly meditation sessions is around $20

loved sograteful.ca

Appreciation and Love

Appreciation and Love Appreciation and love are two very powerful states of being and are incredibly healing for the mind, body and spirit. When everything is going your way and you are getting the results that you desire it can be quite simple to align your self with these emotions. in fact when you are in “the zone” as it were then love and appreciation just seem to arise as

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