Accept and forgive meditation

Accept and forgive a doorway to peace

Accept and Forgive a Doorway to Peace Accept and forgive. Those are some pretty hard words to swallow sometimes. For some they seem impossible and painful. Letting someone off the hook for wronging you. Someone getting one over you. Something making you look small or insignificant. These and many more thoughts are those that can make forgiveness difficult. Lets look at a general scenario though and see some different perspectives.


Oneness One One One!

Oneness, peace and calm within is a place that many people would like to spend time in. Well I am presuming that. So lets change that to something that I can guarantee is true. I love to spend lots of time in a place that is internally loving, calm and peaceful. I have always had a natural drive to feel that way, although through many parts of life I didn’t

Balance the Light and Dark in you

Balance the light and dark in you Living focused on a life of light and service to others can be a beautiful state of being. Is it a natural state of being that only some people are born into? I would say no although for some it just feels like a natural state for them or that they are drawn to it. Free will and the ability to consciously change


Suffering and Pain a Gateway to Inner Peace

Suffering and Pain a Gateway to Inner Peace Suffering and pain as unpleasant as they are or seem can also be the gateway to inner peace and letting go. Much suffering can be linked to internal perceptions about the external world. It has been written that many masters became enlightened just because they didn’t want to suffer any more. Stress and suffering could be explained as perceiving we have something


Love It to Death

Love it to death The Beatles sang all you need is love. That’s as true to day as it has ever been and ever was from the start of time. Death. A word that many humans fear and dictates a lot of the their thoughts and actions because of a misunderstanding. Death is not an ending it is a transition, a reinvention, a transmutation. Changing something into something else on

nothing and nowhere a healing place

Nothing and Nowhere a Healing Place

Nowhere, nothing, void, stillness, the gap, present, now, centered, mindfulness. Numerous times I have heard these words and used them myself as well. The powerful ones that I really felt inside when I started a healing were nothing and nowhere. They were the stark opposite of how I was feeling at the time, which was a place of chaos and dis-ease. Within in me at the time they created the

a quote by simon calnan about stillness and the void

Chaos and Stillness of being human

Have you read or heard stories of how Einstein had some of his most prolific ideas while standing in the shower? When he wasn’t trying to think of anything. Well when a lot of people start meditating and finding these moments of stillness it is quite common to hear these stories also. They may not be having thoughts about physics but they have these insights and realizations. There are many

SoGrateful Precision Engineered Meditation Pyramids

Pyramids and Egyptian Rods

Some time ago I was spending most of my time meditating. Probably around 10 hours a day and during this time I felt a strong draw towards pyramids, Egypt and all things extra terrestrial. So I designed and built lots of pyramids of all different sizes which created many raised eyebrows with the people I told yet I felt so drawn I just continued on my own anyways regardless. In


Lack of Self Worth and Feeling Enough

A lack of self worth and feeling not good enough may be one of the biggest dis-eases on the planet. So much pain, suffering in humans and their actions comes from this place of being. I am not going to go into long lists of ways that it is created in people or to say that the contrast that created this way of thinking isn’t there. Things like upbringing, epigenitics,

Meditation sessions Sunday 15th and 22nd December

Meditation Sessions Sunday December 15th and 22nd

I will be running Meditation Sessions on the Sundays of December 15th and 22nd at midday in Calgary. The theme of these dates are around healing and love to be connected individually and then together as a group to raise the intention of the focus and ideally the benefit for the group. If you are interested then please email simon (at) or you can DM though the instagram

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