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On Saturday 27th February 2021 we ran the second session of our heart based community over ZOOM.

We had seven of us taking part. At the start I spent a little time speaking on the health benefits of spending time each day and went over some research results that were compiled by HeartMath in Boulder Colorado.

We then finished off with a heart based meditation for around 20 minutes or so. I will be running another of these get togethers next month on the 27th March 2021. All are welcome that want to spend some more time learning about or actively practicing being heart centered with a group of like minded individuals.

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SpiRamblings One

Belief of separation is the fuel that keeps fires burning. Unity is the understanding and belief that puts them out. Understanding is the doorway to going beyond the need for forgiveness.

All of the them and us. This and that. Good and bad. These are some of many examples of the separation that is experienced daily and perpetuated within streams of information released into the world and regurgitated within a substantial portion of consciousness.

Without the belief of the separation of them and us it would be challenging to create war.

With unity consciousness all that you choose to experience, are perceived as brothers and sisters on earth. No more of the them and us, it becomes only us and us. If a group says ok attack people that you associate with being part of your tribe or part of you there aren’t many people that are going to take you up on that.

How many of you have a family member that you don’t agree with at all and although you may argue and disagree, you don’t attack them as they are your family. Unity consciousness is seeing all as family including the animals, plants, earth, people.

Babies and very young children don’t usually exhibit evidence of personal discrimination towards others. They may prefer one food and not another. They may feel safer and be at peace more with their mother or certain people but we understand that is just their preferences and awareness that certain people are kinder towards them or feed them and keep them comfortable.

So this belief of separation and having the need or right to discriminate is learned over time through our youth and life.

We have a choice to spend many lifetimes highlighting all of the reasons for this and that and why it’s valid or not valid. Does doing so continue and grow the perception of separation though?

As this perception of separation was learned, that means that we have the choice to unlearn that and relearn how we naturally came onto this planet as children.

Which is the path that will lead to more unity? Arguing and trying to be right and make others wrong? Constantly showing and being outraged by the proof of separation?

Or is it seeing and understanding that there is a belief of separation on earth and that it was learnt. That is has caused much pain and suffering for far too many and that we have the ability to change our thoughts and beliefs and start doing that now. To choose to take a different approach and choose to create a future leading to a place without the suffering caused by perception of separation and the actions that come from people in that place of belief.

That our natural state we are born with is one of inclusion and togetherness. Knowing that if one way was learned, then we can learn another way and that over time repetition of practicing will make unity more normal and the norm. That children will see in their elders the characteristics that they were born with and continue to follow that path and emulate it.

I don’t see this as a pipe dream I see this as a choice that individuals can make. For as long as people can choose and create their own thoughts it is always possible to change.

You don’t have to scream it out to the world, you can speak with your actions of how you interact with others and how you hold yourself accountable.

Here is a little quote I put together a few days ago.

“When the illusion of separation is unlearned there are no longer “others” to fight. You would only be fighting yourself. When you are done with fighting yourself you are free to enjoy and collaborate with “others” “

Simon Calnan