Appreciation and Love

Appreciation and love are two very powerful states of being and are incredibly healing for the mind, body and spirit. When everything is going your way and you are getting the results that you desire it can be quite simple to align your self with these emotions. in fact when you are in “the zone” as it were then love and appreciation just seem to arise as if from nowhere and fill your being. You have quite likely had those moments in life where everything is just going your way and during those times you tend to want to share more, help more and love more.


I have spent a lot of time in my life sitting back and observing myself and others and how emotions and thoughts alter as we make our way through the moments that we have attracted into our days. Something that is quite common is for appreciation and love to be somewhat hard to find in challenging times.

There are some people that just don’t think too much and others that can more easily let things go during contrasted times but there are a lot more humans that struggle to connect with more “positive emotions” when they are challenged ( I put positive emotions in quotes as I believe emotions are neither really positive and negative as such they just are feedback that we can use as guidance of our perceptions, thoughts and beliefs in relation to a moment in time).

How is life serving you ?

When we are able to see how every moment in life is serving us whether it is challenging or supportive we are able to free ourselves from suffering for great lengths of time. As this progresses further we can learn to spend most of our time in a loving and appreciative vibration.

What a lot of people aren’t aware of though is that you can relearn these skills of feeling love and appreciation that came to us so easily as babies and young children.

What I aim to teach others

This is my soul purpose in life to help others relearn how to become masterful in their lives. To be able to purposefully create a natural sense of love and appreciation in each moment. Teach skills for when they get out of alignment and enable them to be able to get back to homeostasis as quickly as possible or even to to accept and be with emotion to allow it to move and leave them with grace and dignity.

I am very lucky to have gone through highly contrasted extended periods of life where I was given no option but to deal with what was present in the moment and find ways to get back into a balanced state. There was a perception of a lot of pain and suffering at the time in those moments and this was necessary for me to truly experience and learn.

One thing that always came up for me though during these times is that every time I learnt something new or gained some new insight into the balance of mind, body and spirit and in turn the improvements in my health and life was that I had an overwhelming urge to teach others to help them reduce or remove the suffering in their lives.

I wouldn’t change a moment of my life as the divine beauty of every moment led me to where I am now. As I move forward though I choose to spend as much time as possible in a state of balance and peace and although I wouldn’t change the circumstances I went through I don’t believe that all humans have to go through the same as me to learn what I now know and experience.

This is why I dedicate myself to teaching others how they can do the same in their lives no matter where they are in any one moment. This has to be sought after by the people I teach so I don’t walk around trying to alter the perceptions of everyone I meet. I would love for all humans to be in a state of love, peace and harmony but I know that everyone is on their own journey and it is up to them when they choose to hop off the merry go round and make changes. I live by example and make myself available but I choose not to try and alter someones free will as it is their choice as to when they are ready to shift.

We come to earth to experience what our souls know conceptually and we do that by actively experiencing the haves and have not of moments and when a person has had a enough of the contrast that they are experiencing then hopefully they search for ways to help themselves. Many people do this and it is unfortunate that we sometimes need to get into a very unpleasant state to want to make a change. This is the human nature of many people with me being included in that as well. The beauty of really knowing what you don’t like and don’t want is that it makes it very apparent of what you truly do desire from your life. Some people learn this at a young age and some at a later stage of life and either way it is possible to shift at any age.

I teach many different areas to people that are interested. These include very focused workshops that work with altering perceptions, finding and realizing the balance in life as well as teaching skills to reduce stress in the mind and body. Meditation walks, group and one on one meditations. Spirituality teachings. As well as sessions in the meditation pyramids I have created along with time using Egyptian healing rods.

I am constantly working on expanding my own consciousness through practice, research, learning and experience. Writing, media and teaching allow me ways to share this with others and brings me in contact with so many beautiful souls. I am forever grateful and blessed for these opportunities in my life and I send love and appreciation to all that read this.

Peace and love




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