Hello my name is

Simon Calnan

Fun fact I like these numbers a lot

77 and 33



My goal is to lead from a heart centred place about the power of the mind, body and spirit in unique creative ways to enhance teaching and communication. Offering opportunities for people to empower themselves and grow.

Here is a short bit of writing to explain a little about myself

Simon Calnan is a Published Children's Author, Teacher, Speaker, Communicator, Meditation presenter As Seen on TV, QHHT Practitioner and Reiki Master. 

He passes on his personal experience and skills to help engage and inspire others to create inner change that reflects onto their outer worlds. 


Over 7 years experience in the health wellness industry. 20 years experience in health and healing with an overflowing bag full of learning as a reward. 

I have a background in high level sports, competition and coaching Snowboarding for children and young adults. Motocross and Snowboarding have played a large part in my life. 

Along with a number of years in the luxury automobile industry, I have also worked in film, photography and creative industries.


Teaching, Communication, Positively impacting humanity and specifically Children, Health and Wellness, Writing, Family, Story Telling, Motocross, Surf Skating, Snowboarding, Travel, animals and being in nature.