Hello my name is

Simon Calnan

I like this number a lot




My goal is to contribute to reminding and awakening people about self healing of mind, body and spirit while reducing the numbers of people suffering from things like stress, anxiety and fear. Then at the same time contributing to the raising of consciousness on the planet.

Here is a short bit of writing to explain a little about myself

Simon Calnan

Simon Calnan helps Highly Sensitive People to live better, heal, and benefit from their gifts. He also helps the parents of HSP children to educate and guide them. As a heart centred practitioner he is an Energy Worker QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner and Reiki Master who passes on his personal healing experiences and gifts of higher consciousness guidance to support others in their journey. He is also the author of a children's book for sensitive beings.


I really like pyramids and Egypt

While I was self healing I became very fascinated (some might say obsessed) with pyramids. I designed and built a number of them including the one in this photo. 

That one is big enough for adults to sit or lie down in. It had profound benefits to my own personal healing and consciousness. I have had lots of people in this one experiencing how it feels.

I still use pyramids and Egyptian Healing rods with clients and myself still to this day. A significant amount of the energy I channel also flows from this space.

Life lessons

Combining study, divine guidance and life experience

Using experience, wisdom and techniques gained through his own journey while utilizing the guidance and energy of source to aid those he works with.
Having worked in locations around the world with clients from many different countries.
One one one, workshops and public speaking.

Story time

A shortened description of how I got here

While living for 20 years with chronic illness and injuries Simon was immersed first hand in experiencing a magnitude of different healing modalities where he was able to see what worked and what didn’t.In his late 30’s he was then involved in a life changing accident that was the catalyst to an intensive awakening. This led to an extraordinary and demanding 6 year journey triggered by injuries of the spine and central nervous system which lead to a reviving of mind, body and spirit.


If we don't go within we go without

Opening up to a clear connection to source and higher consciousness along with witnessing the incredible abilities to revive and thrive that are available for all to access.

Releasing the shackles of the mind to move in to the heart and body with unconditional love became a cornerstone of his healing process and one that he teaches others.

Using his experience, wisdom and techniques gained through his own journey while utilizing the guidance and energy of source to aid those he works with.


Or soul choices

"Through a seemingly random accident I was debilitated and depleted to a degree that I didn’t know was possible or that I would ever recover from. This event that became my greatest challenge also revealed itself to be magnificent gift. This is where I first hand learnt the universal power of our own consciously chosen innate healing abilities along with the power of the heart and energy of love. This gift is what I pass on to others to this day."


Work or play

I have worked in locations around the world and with clients from many different countries.
Involved in one on one sessions, workshops and public speaking.

Recently writing his first book which he has coined as a children’s book that can be read by adults. Focused towards the growing number of sensitive children on the planet and subtle energies awakening within adults at this time. Offering spiritual wisdom in a light and joyful way that can aid navigating life with a more peaceful experience of earth.

Some personal interests are health, writing, family, motocross, surfing, skateboarding, travel and being in nature with animals.