Some years ago I was involved in a life changing accident that led me along a path to where I stand today.

Prior to that I lived with around 20 years of chronic illness which is now fully recovered. I worked in a number of different careers including IT Network Engineer, Artist, Mechanic, Sales, Professional Snowboarding, Business and Financial Services Management.

Around 2015 I chose to go back to school to study Osteopathy and one year into that schooling I fell down a set of stairs carrying my 2 year old child. At that point my whole world and family life changed due to spinal and brain injuries and after 5 years of rehabilitation and self healing I began teaching others about the miracles I experienced. Sharing how they can implement those teachings into their own lives so that they could benefit also.

Through some chance meetings I was introduced into both the spiritual teaching and corporate worlds at the same time and aiding individuals in those spaces.

My days can include working with individuals in the general population from around Canada and the world to corporations and employees.

Sometimes this involves speaking to large groups in person or online and other times it is on a one to one basis.


I specialize in Heart and Spirit Guided Health, Wellness and Innovation. With a focus around rapid shifts in self worth and perception. I also work with clients around the world with energy work and energy healing.

Working with individuals and corporations to excel in the world on multiple levels that are aligned with their soul values. To use a spirit and heart based alignment with self worth, fulfilment, performance and improve health from the inside outwards.

Some other services I offer are public speaking, belief and brain retraining, energy healing, universal and spiritual wisdom teaching, reiki, mediumship, meditation, chronic fatigue recovery, stress and anxiety reduction programs, pyramids, film and videography.