Thank you for visiting my website. A few years ago while on my journey to study medicine I had an accident falling down the stairs at home that left me with a severe back injury and uncovered evidence of brain trauma. Prior to that event I had lived for 20 years with always changing and varying degrees of unexplained chronic illness and symptoms.

After this accident though I was incapacitated to degree I had never experienced or thought possible before and was struggling to improve with most days showing more and more evidence of deterioration. I visited the best functional doctors and practitioners I could find. Slowly I started to make small steps of progress and I then started to spend a lot time researching meditation and breathing techniques.

At that time I started to make some real progress and would spend hours a day meditating. The calming effect on my brain and body gave me incredible relief and I started to notice larger shifts in healing. During this period of time I still continued to research healing every day and many creative ideas were spawned. I started to develop and test processes of altering beliefs, thoughts and actions to see how this affected my healing and again made some monumental shifts in wellness.

One thing kept coming to me while meditating was pyramids, love, acceptance, appreciation and gratitude. I worked daily on practicing these states of being and continued to research pyramids and Egypt.

Applying myself as my own personal research project for healing, trying different techniques and modalities to see the results and evaluating them.

After some time I still had a constant drive in me to do something with pyramids but as travel was out of the question I started to designing and testing different pyramid designs and tested how they affected my meditation, pain, psychology and healing.

After multiple prototypes I came up with a design that worked the best for me and then had mechanical engineers finalize the finished designed and precision machine shops create the finished pieces.

During this time I became fascinated with Egypt and in particular the rods that I saw some statues of Pharaoh’s holding. I asked experts at museums what they were and no one I spoke to had any idea what they were. I just couldn’t imagine something insignificant would be depicted in multiple statues of high status Egyptian’s yet I couldn’t find anyone that was as curious about it as I was. This finally led me to finding these rods and then I started to combine using them during meditation with the Pyramid I had manufactured. I consistently started having some incredible results personally in improvements of symptoms, psychologically, emotionally and in my overall healing.

Along my journey I wanted to avoid taking any pain medication or pharmaceuticals. I don’t recommend this to anyone to do the same and you should always see medical professionals when you require it but I personally wanted to see what was humanly possible from a pain and healing perspective even when things felt hopeless so that others could at least see what was possible from the human mind, body and spirit. Although I wasn’t following today’s traditional medical approach to my healing I was still monitored by the best medical experts I could find at the time.

I had gradually started getting others to test my pyramids with the rods and without and have had amazing feedback which included among many things was the level of calm and peace they felt after using them.

I actively participate in public speaking about my healing journey and sharing possibilities, ideas and techniques that were the most effective for myself and that I feel could benefit others as well. My book on this is currently in the process of being completed as well as a documentary about love and healing.