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What I Do

Public Speaker, Zen Executive Program, Chronic Fatigue Recovery, Heart Focused Success and Wellness, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, Engineered Meditation Pyramid Creator, Sharer of thought an video

Coaching people to become their own healer, leader and genius. It’s empowering to acknowledge gratitude for the pleasant things and true power is found in finding gratitude for the contrast.


We live in a contrasted world where things are judged as being either good or bad. By finding a place of balance of all sides of perspective we consciously create stillness and the mind is able to let go. We are also able to see new opportunities that are sometimes hidden by limiting beliefs and judgements.


When you find peace and equilibrium in the mind and body it makes space for healing

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Busy minds and hectic schedules affect relaxation and sleep. By using techniques, brain retraining, meditation, breathing, mindset changes and many other options we can lower stress to improve relaxation and sleep

Inner Love and Peace

We are taught and conditioned to look for love and peace in the external world with things, people and results. When in fact everything that we desire was right inside us all along. It is possible to learn to reconnect with this divine space and find what we were looking for.

Thoughts create changes within the body that are felt as emotions. Different types of thoughts create different types of emotions. When thoughts are balanced our emotions are balanced. When emotions are balanced we are able approach the world as our true selves and things like love, spirit, compasssion, performance and creativity rise up within us as a natural state of being


Heart Rate Variability

Using heart based meditations and and breathing techniques while monitoring HRV electronically we can see and feel real time improvements in this important piece of human health


By raising our threshold to stress we are able to build a resilience to how our mind and body reacts to actual and perceived stressors. Many people are constantly trying to avoid stress and striving for comfort which lowers our ability to find calm. When these comforts are perceived as being taken away or aren’t available they create more stress. Its a viscous cycle that can leave people living in very small boxes.

What we resist persists and stress is no different. By leaning into life instead of running away from it we become empowered and move toward becoming limitless. Pain and suffering stem from resistance where as calm is associated with ease and flow



Neuro plasticity is our brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural pathways. We can do this consciously and use it to create a new way of living. By learning to let go of or find benefits in current or past life memories we are able to step out of the unconsciously self imposed boxes. In that place we can start to create or alow that which we wish for to come to us




Simon is so full of love and wisdom I recommend him to friends and acquaintances


Thanks for the (Reiki) treatment yesterday, certainly feel a much better energy overall today. Tried the meditations last night and this morning as well and can tell theres certainly a release to get to around the heart area. Good to get confirmation and clarification on what I can do to help it. You’re a tremendous healer regardless of what discipline you work in. Let me know what is the best way for people to get into contact with you. Life seems to be throwing many more people looking at healing themselvesĀ  beyond our conventional wellness system so I can already think of a few people to send your way whether it be by phone or in person.

Katherine C

I was able to calm my mind and let go of thoughts that had been troubling me for years

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