Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? or the parent of an HSP child? 20% of the population is highly sensitive yet very few are taught how to live better with their gifts and many parents are left confused and unsure how to help.

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Coaching for parents and caregivers with sensitive children

Approximately 20% of the world population falls into the Highly Sensitive People category. Around 50% are male and the 50% female. Many of these individuals have spent a lifetime feeling misunderstood or somehow unworthy for just being who they are. This can lead to a lot of confusion and heartache. There are also many parents that are the caregivers of these wonderful children and themselves can also be very confused as to how they should parent these unique beings. 

As someone that grew up as an HSP child and also the parent of a sensitive child, I have been through a lot of the experiences, learnings and emotions of this gift. Through coaching and education I help HSP individuals and parents of HSP children to live better, heal and benefit from these gifts. 

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Reiki and Distance Energy Healing

Has many benefits and can be received from wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your home. Through experience I have noticed that more sensitive and empathic individuals respond very well to energy work.

Are you new to Energy Healing and Reiki? If you are and feeling uncertain about investing in it for yourself I actually offer a money back guarantee. That's right book and pay for a session with me and if you don't feel you received value from the session we do together then I will refund your money.

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Simon writes books for sensitive children that adults inner child can enjoy and benefit from too.

Kindness, living from the heart, self empowerment, spiritual wisdom, inner peace, self care and more in fun, gentle, enjoyable stories.

Diederik Brand

We met and spoke to Simon about our youngest daughter Livia (7 years young). She experiences(ed) mornings and moments were she would wake up with a lot of anger 'for no reason'. Simon has helped us both on an emotional and energetic level to not try to fight this behavior, but to accept her in her totality, realizing that this is part of her being and journey. Simon provided us with some useful ways to deal with this, and we could see the difference in just a matter of days. With a lot of compassion, connection and love it is a true pleasure to talk and work with Simon!

Krista Kokot

"...I've had many different energy healings done before however Simon's energy healing was the first time where I felt confirmation that I was on the right path in my own life... Simon has a way of making you feel at complete peace with wherever you are right now with whatever you're going through...  His ability to have his  masculine and feminine energies coexist is a gift that allows him to relate to both yin & yang sides leaving me feeling as though I am complete just as I am...

Thank you Simon xo"

Peri-Lynn Harris

My husband and I experienced Simon's Quantum Healing Services. Our experience was very enlightening. The healing benefits were exceptional. Thank you Simon

Steven Le

"...Through our conversation and healing session I was able to learn more about my past lives, connection to spirit animals and have a simple blueprint for how I can just be so effortlessly without shame or guilt. I received so much Clarity about supernatural events that happened many years ago during our conversations...

If you cross paths with Simon it's because you're supposed to!

Thank you Simon"

Jessica Meister

"My healing with Simon was amazing. I'd wanted to do one with him since meeting him earlier in 2021 and am grateful I finally made the decision to do one. During the healing we went into the depths of the things that hold me back in the world... During the healing I could feel the energy moving in my body and being taken out. Releasing the things that no longer served me... I highly recommend a session with Simon if you've come across his page! Pure Magic!"

Meet Simon

Simon Calnan helps Highly Sensitive People to live better, heal, and benefit from their gifts. He also helps the parents of HSP children to educate and guide them. He is an Energy Worker, QHHT Practitioner and Reiki Master who passes on his personal healing wisdom and gifts of higher consciousness guidance to support people in their journey. He is the author of a children's book for sensitive beings.

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