Simon I am A HEALER



  • Public speaking and presentations to help find oneness, growth and self empowerment through balancing of the mind, body and spirit even during stressful moments in life. Appreciation, self love, I am enough, meditation and the positive results this can achieve.
  • Teaching individuals and groups to give themselves back to themselves and healing through balance within their mind, body and spirit. Allowing them to see how even the most challenging times are serving us and thus allowing ourselves to approach life from a loving, appreciative balanced standpoint of equilibrium. Where they can pursue the life they want to lead from an appreciative, calm and peaceful place to create performance, healing and fulfillment.
  • Practical techniques to find out what the mind and body are trying to tell us through symptoms and releasing and moving on from those experiences so that we can expand and experience our dream lives.
  • Meditation Classes
  • Precision Engineered pyramids designed and manifested in Calgary Alberta Canada. These are available for use with groups and one on one sessions. Along with Healing Rods to enhance the sessions. Appointments are also currently available as a mobile service where available.
  • Living by example the power of self love, love of all beings, finding balance and appreciation in every moment of life irrespective of where you are in that moment.

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